Blender 3D Software Digital Design
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Blender 3D Software Digital Design

The world of digital design is turning to CGI, or 3D animation. This is the opening post that will inspire many to follow that will open you guys to the secrets of CGI and more, that will be sure to send you on your way to digital design heaven. Thanks Guys, BBP-Studios

Hey, guys.  Welcome to the first of many BBP-Studios Digital Design posts to Factoidz.  Now, these posts will be centered around the digital design, or more specifically the 3D modeling and animation niche.  Showing the interested readers out there the secrets to 3D animation and design will be our main focus for our time here.  There will also be introductions to programs that aren't 3D design specific as well.  So lets get right into it. 

3D animation and design is essentially the creation of Meshes, or 3D figures within a 3D software program that can be manipulated, animated, or rendered out into video or image files onto your computers or other certain sorts of devices.  Rendering an image can sometimes be a difficult process.  Many 3D beginers don't quite understand what is supposed to go into a scene before it's rendered.  The basic lighting and the basic scene structure needs to be applied here.  Many often make to mistak of centering a single light or camera within the scene and calling it a day; and while there is really no problem with this, there will need to be a greater eye for structure than this inclusion of insifciently placed objects.  To coninue on, let get into what rendering truly is.

Now, what exactly is a 3D render.  A 3D render is basically what you get when you made your 3D program take, what is essentially, a picure of your 3D scene.  A render can be done a anypoint during the design process but shouldn't be often be conducted when working on major projects. 

The fact is that rendering may be one of the most important, yet, render intensive parts of 3D design.  Now, of course the render won't matter because without the scene itself, you don't have anything to render, duh.  You don't need to be a top-tier 3D creator to figure that one out right?

Even still, the process of 3D design is nothing to be taken lightly.  Some of the most important and popular technologies and forms of entertainment have turned to CGI (computers generated images), or 3D animation to produce the newests and finest projects witin the recent years.  So keep a look out for our future posts which will let you guys in on the secrets of digital design. 

Thanks Guys, BBP-Studios

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Comments (2)

Brilliant work. I study design, but digital design is a bit of a blind spot to me. I look forward to reading more of your work.

3D is now the latest graphical images in today's generation. Learning 3D is really fun and enjoyable. Thank you for writing this excellent article, I really learned a lot, keep it up! Voted and shared.